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Promoting Better Healthcare Through Medical Data

We have been serving clients since 2013 and have collectively been in the medical business for over 125 years with specializations in healthcare administration, pharmaceutical drug development, physician care, laboratory testing, and healthcare IT.

The History of HealthScape Data LLC

While working for a medical practice in 2005 and discussing EMR data with a laboratory specialist, a thought occurred to our founder: “Wouldn’t it be great if a scientist could compare data from all over the country from patient records to provide best practices?” This question drove him to assemble a team and create HealthScape Data LLC.

In the years that followed, various business models and technology stacks were considered and tested. Database normalization techniques were selected, PHI de-identification was solved, and data partner relationships were built. We are now working with clients to answer questions that previously went unanswered.

Future plans include enhancing our analytics offerings with text analysis of physician notes, the application of data science models, and the use of Machine Learning to derive even greater insights.