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Our Goals as a Healthcare Informatics Company

Go to Market Strategy

HSD has 5-year auto-renewing data brokerage contracts with HIE’s, integrated delivery networks, health systems, laboratories, and commercial sources. HSD’s IP is our unique process for deriving deep healthcare insights. Data sources in healthcare are tremendously concerned with data security and HIPAA regulations have draconian penalties for data breeches. Our process requires that data preparation and de-identification occur entirely inside our suppliers’ firewalls. Protected Health Information (PHI, as defined by HIPAA) never leaves their systems. It cannot be stolen or hacked from HSD because HSD never handles PHI, eliminating the possibility of a HIPAA breach.

HSD has devised methods for de-identifying, scrubbing (eliminating duplicate patients), normalizing (equating results between facilities), and maintaining the ability to track patients over time through multiple encounters and multiple facilities. The data is then aggregated into a database with approximately 125 fields in a standard format ready for use.


Pharmaceutical companies use our insights as a substitute for current sampling techniques for population analysis. This improves results by eliminating sampling error and significantly reducing data acquisition costs. Health insurance carriers will improve their risk modeling, lowering premiums and raising profits. Government agencies will be able to accurately predict the effects and costs of changes in healthcare policy. Healthcare providers at all levels will be able to make evidence-based medicine a factor in every patient encounter. IBM’s Watson and similar artificial intelligence systems will have the data necessary to report accurate probabilities for different courses of treatment. The health status of the country will be destined to improve.

HealthScape Data LLC will save billions in research dollars and improve the life of every citizen.


Currently, the only other very large healthcare databases consist of information from health insurance claims, for both treatments and medications. These databases are comprehensive in size but limited in the amount of useful data they contain. Because they are derived from insurance companies the data is comprised of episodic payments and diagnosis. Unlike our datasets, they rarely include patient problems (reasons for visits), provider notes, prevention, test results, course of treatment, imaging studies, course of rehabilitation, immunizations, possible factors contributing to disease states, and success or failure rates over extended periods of time for individual patients. HSD’s insights are derived from a depth, breadth, and longitudinality not found anywhere else.

A Unique & Perfectly Suited Dataset to Meet Research Goals

New Jersey-based pharmaceutical Company: studying methods of treating and preventing catheter-caused infections.

Pharma company: analyze the relationships between the use of triptans and nausea and opioid compounds and nausea, and the timing of treatment with antiemetics.

HSD / Client Partner project: gathering data on CIPD patients nationwide, and then, using sophisticated analytics, moving diagnosis and treatment earlier in the course of the disease.

Prospective pharmaceutical clients: research projects to address a wide array of health concerns.

We have surpassed our original goal of accessing 100 million longitudinal lives that demographically mirror the United State population in all significant variables. This allows researchers to deal with populations, not samples in close to real time.

The monetization of this data appropriately rewards all parties in the value chain with financial and intellectual property and will improve the health status of our country.

Security and Data Privacy

  • Our system meets all HIPAA regulations
  • Data center is SSAE 16 and Tier III certified HIPAA compliant
  • We use industry standard data encryption during transit using Tunneling VPN protocols
  • We never use Protected Health Information (PHI), but we still treat all data as if it is PHI
  • We will provide a comprehensive security and risk analysis before data are transmitted
  • Our data will never be intermingled with non-healthcare data.